Payroll is a necessary evil for just about all businesses.   No matter what service or product you provide if you have employees you have payroll.  The question is how to handle your payroll.  Do you as the business owner take your valuable time and do it yourself, do you get an an office person (receptionist, secretary, etc.) to do it for you or do you hire a large national payroll company to process it for you.

At SBA Services, we help you determine what payroll processing format will be best for you.  We offer the following payroll options:

  • Desktop Payroll in House - Someone in your office processes your payroll within your accounting software.  SBA Services will oversee your payroll to make sure transactions are accurate and all payroll liabilities are paid on-time as well as quarterly and annual reports are submitted.

  • Online Payroll Options - Same as Desktop except this enables your staff to process payroll from anywhere.  Online Payroll can be set up so you and your staff do as little or as much as you choose in the payroll process.

  • After-the-Fact Payroll Services -  For those very small clients who chose not to subscribe to a specific service, we offer after-the-fact Payroll Services.  This is payroll that has been either done by someone else, or by another software than what you are using for your financial records.  This is also done to make sure that Year to Date Payroll information is properly recorded in your accounting software.

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